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maandag 9 juli 2012

Just a Test Post

This is just a test post to check out
What this will look like.

zondag 17 januari 2010

Miep Gies the Woman who is known
for discovering Anne Franks Diary
became 100 years old.

It feels a little strange that not long ago I posted
a special post about Anne Franks Birthday and
now Miep Gies who is known as
the woman who discovered Anne Franks Diary,
recently died last Monday January 11th,
she deceased after a short illness,

She has became 100 years old.

zaterdag 20 juni 2009

Hermitage the 'Talk of the Town'.

Well actually it's in a City, this one
is not in St. Petersburg but in
Amsterdam you can have a little peak inside
in the video here below:

zaterdag 13 juni 2009

This year is Anne Frank's 80st Birthday

Anne Frank's DIARY, the Diary
of this little girl became very well know
in the Entire World!
And the Anne Frank Museum
in Amsterdam is visited by many tourists every year.

It's worth a visit and learn all about her amazing story.
(BTW at - the left side of - my

Movie Blogspot just under the yellow 'Bookmark as Favorite' Banner,
you can find a special Anne Frank Movie poster)

I knew that there was something
really special about her diary....,

I just couldn't seem to grasp what it was, I knew
there was something really moving about it,
how could I forget about wat it was? I knew
there was something special about it, now after reading

More about Anne Frank's Diary

it made me realise that I do think that one of
the typical things about Anne Frank that made
her stories so special, was that dispite
the difficult circumstances she was in,
she usually kept being a cheery and energetic person.

That's probably one of the driving forces
that made that her story became noticed
on a World Wide Scale.

vrijdag 12 juni 2009

Become a Master on Dutch Art
and Dutch Masters
with this Book and these DVD's!

I must admit that I don't spend all my time
in Museums. (although it looks rather exiting
having seen the goofy Movie Trailers
from 'Night at the Museum'
starring 'Ben Stiller'
as you can see at my Movie Blogspot at:

Night at the Museum)

Talking about 'Night'....,

The Nightwatch by Rembrand -
and several other paintings by a other Dutch Masters -
I do know, because although I usually only visit Museums
in other countries when I am on Vacation,

I have seen 'The Real Thing' in the Museum
in Amsterdam and I do admire those Dutch Masters.
It's impressive how they where able to do their
'Photography' the 'Old fasioned way'

(BTW if you want to know more about Photography
('The Modern way') you definitely
might like to have a look at my TRAVEL Blogspot at:

HP's Happy TRAVEL Blogspot)

If you really want to impress people with your Knowledge
about the Dutch Masters than here below
you can find your 'Dutch-Masters-Art-Expert-Survival-Kit'

vrijdag 5 juni 2009

Dutch Underwear Designer Conquers the World!

Britney Spears had discovered
Marlies Dekkers
and wore her underwear in her World Tour 'Circus'
(BTW Britney - with her Circus Tour definitely bounced back
as I wrote about in my Oktober 2007 post
Britney Post)

Marlies Dekkers has been
Business Woman of the Year in Holland and now has
several shops in various important fashion cities.

vrijdag 15 mei 2009

Dutch Actress Famke Janssen has the X-factor

Here in the Netherlands we have
a Music Entertainment Show titled:
'The X-factor' a Talent Show somewhat
similar as Shows like for example 'Britains Got Talent',
that recently showed a fenominal apperance from the Must See
Susan Boyle! A World Wide Success!!, and although - at first sight -
she might not directly seem to have 'The X-factor'
She does seem to have

'Something really Special'

(you can find her appearance on my Music Blogspot at:
HP's Happy MUSIC Blogspot )

Who definitely has 'The X-factor' - at first sight -
and also is a World Wide Success, is our Dutch Actress Famke Janssen!
You can see her in several big and successful Movies like
the James Bond Movie 'Goldeneye'
and also for example in 'The X-Men'

(You can find more info about MOVIES at:
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